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Starting an
Internet Business

By Dirk Kotze

When starting your first internet business you’ll need to know a few things. That things being what you will need to make that business work. Like in old conventional businesses you need to get certain steps in place. Let’s have a look at what you’ll need when starting your own internet business.

Firstly you’ll need a webpage. Think of this as a store where your customers walk into to buy your products. The first thing to consider when you are building your store is the name that you will need to give it; and that name is called a Domain. Now that is your store address on the internet if someone wants to buy something from you. Give them that domain name to find you on the internet. Now, a domain name can cost you from 2.99$ for a period of 12 months.

Now that you have your domain name you will need hosting. Hosting is a service that someone offers you to keep your webpage on the internet. When looking at a hosting there are a few things to keep in mind:

• Unlimited Premium Autoresponder Accounts & Campaigns with NO Daily Broadcast Restrictions!
• 1,000MB or more Web Hosting Storage.
• Unlimited Unique Domains.
• Unlimited Email Accounts.
• Cpanel Account Management.
• 50GB Data Transfer.

Now I would have liked to touch on each of the bullet points to tell you more, but it will make this article much to long. Just know that when looking for hosting it must meet up to the above Mentioned Specifics. Let’s look at some of the other ingredients you’ll need before you can start your own online Business.

How to build your webpage. This is the fun part; a webpage is just one large file with smaller files inside. These files sits on someone’s PC and is connected to the internet 24 - 7. When building your site you’ll need HTML editor. An editor is program that converts your normal writing into PC language so that you can put up your site on the net. Or you can do this by hand and change your normal writing into HTML code. You’ll have to learn this code as it is a language on its own. But that’s easy and fun and when you have finished learning the code you’ll be able to do a lot more with your page than editors can do. Ok, when you have finished building your page and you have it up on the net you’ll need to learn how to Market your page so that people will visit your page and buy from you.

There are many more points that cannot be touched on in this article for example: what products to sell on the internet and how to find the right market niche to market your product. But all that and much more are contained in this sexy eBook Perpetual Profits that will open new horizons for you on how to start your own Internet Business. I hope to hear from you soon!

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