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Foreign Exchange, Internet Marketing,
Goals, Plans and Actions.

By Kaval Patel

Its funny… you have a goal, you plan how you are going to achieve it, then you take action towards making it happen. This then leads to your plan being followed (maybe with a few enhancements), and then if it is done correctly your goal is achieved.

I read a quote once: “It’s not a tragedy not to achieve a goal it’s a tragedy not to have that goal to achieve!” – How many people wonder through life, without any aim or purpose, just passing the days? How many people with the best of intentions set a goal and go about trying to achieve it, and just because of an “issue”, they give up on the goal, then they fall into the aimless category?

How many people are just plain stubborn – like time – just goes on and on to achieve their goal but don’t because they didn't realise had they asked for help or had someone shown them that they were doing one little thing wrong that was hindering their progress?

I’ve seen all types of people – I personally don’t want to be the ordinary, average or even a dinosaur for that matter. I realise that wanting something, planning and action are not enough. You need a positive attitude, accept that you will make mistakes, accept that it wont happen by tomorrow and most importantly be willing to listen and learn.

Whatever your goals are, at some point along the way it will involve money – whether your goal is to be the next Bill Gates or Warren Buffet or simply to help the helpless you still need money (via profit or donation). I’ve come across two relatively straightforward methods of helping to achieve that goal, they are profiting from the Foreign Exchange Market and Internet Marketing. Since both of these are done online its brilliant because you can do both at the same time!

I've been trading foreign exchange for a while and just made the leap into trading for a living. I was able to do this by learning strategies online. While doing all the research on this I stumbled upon a great little course about internet marketing, the biggest plus for me was that it would only cost me my time! Someone willing to teach what they already know – most importantly something I don’t have the knowledge or skills of yet.

Without going into too much detail the things being taught are extensive - having the right mindset, the types of products/services you could sell/market online, being an affiliate, processing of payments, getting traffic to your sites, niche markets and how to create, manage and host a website and e-book creation to name a few. All of this is taught in plain English its not in any gigawotsit computer talk, it’s in simple English. The thing that I like the most (initially) is the fact that the course starts off by talking psychology (mindset, attitude, belief, learning etc), which is what I was trying to hit on earlier with the goals, plans and actions. My fiancé is a soon to be Doctor in Psychology, I, being in the investment world and having been in direct face to face sales (on commission) before – know all about how success starts in your mind.

Anyway, if you want to open more doors to help you achieve your goals sooner there are some great ideas out there that Show You rather than just tell you.

These ideas can be learnt by you at Forex Trading Secrets 4u (for the foreign exchange ideas) and at Internet Marketing Secrets 4u (for the internet marketing ideas – includes the video course).

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